Line break not working on Slack notification message


I'm using a Trigger to send a slack message. Since couple of days all the line break (\n) seems to have disappeared in the resulting message in slack.
Therefore the message previous and the actual message on slack don't look the same.
I tried some solution found in this github issue report: newline character not passing through to slack · Issue #21 · cleentfaar/slack · GitHub without any success.

I wanted to know if anyone already faced this issue and have some input about it before eventually reporting this on github.

Trigger message:

Slack result:

It's possible that you could replace the - characters at the beginning of the final lines, to the character that Slack uses for bulleted list items - *.

If that doesn't work, you could try using inline code for your list items - I'd have a blank link, then triple backtics, then the four lines, then another triple backtics.

So it would be like this, but replace %%% with triple backtics ```

Monitor {{...}}...

- Trigger {{...}}
- Severity {{...}}

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