Tema integration message formatting for alert

Hello everyone!
I need help for formatting an alert to TEAMS integration, i've been trying to add a new line in the message but i couldn´t find much info about t

in kibana i set up this

Alerta para {{context.group}} {'\n'}'\n' {{"\n\n"}}
En servidor {{context.group}} se ha encontrado que la métrica {{context.metric.condition0}} es {{context.value.condition0}}

Razón de la alerta 

"text":"salto de linea \n\n acá"

But the message it´s still with no new line.

Does anyone know if this can be accomplish?


Will answer my own question, i was looking in elastic docs when i should be looking in Microsoft Teams docs

<pre>Line 1<br>Line 2</pre>

This work as I was expecting.

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