Colors in Elastic Detections Alert Emails


Can we use colors in Elastic Detections Alert Emails?


Not that I know of. The message body for emails is rendered as markdown into html, but we don't allow any HTML markup, since that can be a security issue.

If we did allow HTML, presumably you could wrap text in <span>'s and <div>'s and style directly in the elements or indirectly via classes and <style> elements.

I don't believe we have had explicit requests for this, so feel free to open a new feature request issue - - add label "Team:Alerting Services" so we'll get notified about it. I imagine if we did something like that, it would be an opt-in per usage of the email connector, to keep the security surface smaller.

Note that you should be able to include external images via the usual markdown route:

![Alt Text](url)

So you could add some colored icons or similar, that way ...

Hello @Patrick_Mueller ,

Thanks for your answer. We have been using watches for alert emails for years, where we are able to use html and css to format our emails. For example:

We would love to be able again to format the SIEM email alerts in our housestyle instead of plain simple text, just like we are doing with watch email alerts for years.

Created Allow colors in Kibana alerting emails. · Issue #94678 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Can I give tags / labels to this issue myself? if so please tell me how. :slight_smile: and I'll add it.



woops, sorry, forgot you need to be part of the GH org to add labels - thanks for posting, I added the labels / project for us to track. Thanks!

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