Linestring does not display on Maps App

Using Kibana 7.0.beta1, with the new and marvelous Map app.
I am able to add layers using elasticsearch indexes containing geo_point, but when I try to add a simple Linestring using geo_shape, I can not see it.
The document I try to use looks like this:

POST gps_test/_doc/1
	{ "type": "LINESTRING",
	"coordinates": [[10.491832, 59.941252],[10.491833, 59.941252],[10.491898, 59.941263]]

And the mapping of poslist is of type geo_shape, with nothing extra.
Checking the response, I see an error. Trying out the query in console returns errors as well. The query:

GET gps_test/_search
  "size": 0,
  "aggs": {
"1": {
  "geo_bounds": {
    "field": "poslist"
  "_source": {
"excludes": []
  "stored_fields": [
  "script_fields": {},
  "docvalue_fields": [],
  "query": {
"bool": {
  "must": [],
  "filter": [
      "match_all": {}
  "should": [],
  "must_not": []

Error returned:

     "type": "illegal_argument_exception",
    "reason": "Fielddata is not supported on field [poslist] of type [geo_shape]"

@thomasneirynck can we please get some help here?


hi @Babadofar,

thx for checking out the Maps app in beta. Could you please create an issue for this in the github repo?

Not sure if this is related to the Maps app in Kibana, or to some mapping settings in ES (or both). It will be easier to track this as a bug, than here on the discussion forum. Thanks!

Create this issue

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I guess this issue is related

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