Linking A Space to a Graph

I have created Spaces dedicated to specific groups. When they log in they see only the Dashboards allocated to that Space. There is, however, one link that points to a Graph but when clicked, I get:

|error|"Not Found"
|message|"Not Found"

How can I get this Graph component to come up?

Thank you.


which graph are you talking about? A particular panel in dashboard or graph app?

Screenshots would help.


A graph created within kibana. Essentially a user created a graph in his Space (User1). I tried to export it to another user's Space(User2) but when User2 tries to click on it, it will give a 404 error. On the URL I can see that the graph link is still trying to access the graph from User1's Space. So it seems that the Graph object was never copied over in such a way as to give User2 ownership of his own copy.


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