Loading Coordinates in Elastic Maps

Hi, I am very new to elasticsearch and kibana. I am trying to visualise some data I have collected, using the analytics, maps function. My file with Coordinates is read and loaded in. However it only shows the first data point, does anybody know why it does that? I am trying to load in 200+ data points.

Thanks in advance for your help!


did you check the time in the upper right corner?


I didn't check the time. I adjusted it to the last year, instead of last 7 days.
However still nothing changed, could it be something with the source file?

this is what the source file looks like:

under this data there are more data values like this

Hi ,
Could you please, list 10 lines of your source file, and list the steps that you used to import to kibana?

That coordinates value as a String and parenthesis does not look light.

Take a look at the documentation for examples on how to represent geometries using the GeoJSON or WKT notations.

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