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Someone can show me please how to import coordinates and build a map. Or maybe is some posts where I can see process from beginning. For example I need some file with a data, where will be: Id, Mag,Location, Alternative Name, Date, Time, Latitude, Longitude, References. How to import using filebeat this file to elasticsearch and build a map in kibana?

for example data is:
1, 9.5, Bio-Bio, Chile|Valdivia Earthquake, 1960-05-22, 19:11, 38.14°S, 73.41°W, Kanamori & Anderson, 1975

Hi there, there are a few ways to accomplish your goal. First, I suggest checking out the Loading Sample data tutorial. This will show you a few ways to ingest documents from files, using cURL. It might be enough to unblock you. If not, I suggest skimming the Index API and Bulk API to see if these will help you get the data into ES in a way that's suitable to your use case.

Beyond that, you could dive more into Filebeat or maps, but here are some resources for each:

  1. Filebeat
  2. Maps in KIbana

Please let me know if you get stuck.


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