Log Management for Multiple Application Instances

Hello, sorry if this has been asked before but i am new to ELK stack and did not find an answer for my question. If i have an application that is running multiple instances for example instance1, instance2, instance3 and i want to do log management for this application using ELK stack. I am using Logstash which takes the logs from a logging.file of the application and displays it on Kibana. My issue is how can i differentiate between the logs of all 3 instances so i know which one sends logs in case one of them is not functioning properly. I tried using spring cloud sleuth but the issue is that i have different traceIDs and i dont want to search in all instances to find the traceID that belongs to the instance. Is there a way to include the IP address and port in the logstash configuration file?
This is a sample of the log requests

2020-01-13 23:19:50.078  INFO [microservice1,81bda65d4c16a2d0,81bda65d4c16a2d0,false] 8278 --- [nio-8001-exec-1] c.s.m.c.Microservice1Controller          : This is an INFO log
2020-01-13 23:19:50.078 ERROR [microservice1,81bda65d4c16a2d0,81bda65d4c16a2d0,false] 8278 --- [nio-8001-exec-1] c.s.m.c.Microservice1Controller          : This is an ERROR log

This is the log output information present in kibana

|@timestamp| :   Jan 13, 2020 @ 06:38:15.986|
|@version :      1|
|_id               :    SARXn28B-hgxozi_UC3u|
|_index :    logstash-2020.01.03-000001|
|_score :  - |
|_type   : _doc|
|host :  ubuntu|
|message    :    2020-01-13 06:36:39.863  INFO [microservice1,064d4100c385c9f5,064d4100c385c9f5,false] 5791 --- [http-nio-8001-exec-2] c.s.m.c.Microservice1Controller          : This is an INFO log|
|path   :   /home/user/microservice1logging/microservice1.log|
|type    :   java|

Picture of my Kibana UI with the available fields

What logstash input are you using to consume the files?

Never mind i fixed my issue by adding fields using mutate filter plugin. Sorry i am new to elastic stack and trying to learn more features. Thank you

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