Login page at Kibana

I like to setup login page while accessing Kibana.

This is required that unauthorized user will not access Kibana and avoid unnecessary load.
Just like splunk had credential page. Please advise how can i setup the same ELK.

Thank you!

You can do this with Shield - https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/shield/current/index.html

Couple of questions:-

  1. Please advise how to start logstash service in AIX? Based on below article i've install logstash agent on AIX machine but don't know the command to start the logstash service.
    Filebeat for AIX?

  2. Secondly i like to ship the logs from AIX to windows machine. Do i need SSL/TLS certificate to have handshake?

Thank you!

It may be better to create a new thread for those questions, they aren't Kibana related.