Logstash without NSSM

Is there a way to install Logstash (7.x) on Windows WITHOUT nssm (non su**ing Service Manager? Every tutorial is based on nssm. Same for Kibana.

Does SC.exe not provided enough possiblities? Why is that so?

Also another question: does elastic really want to be dependent from an external tool? For example: I'm working from behind a big corp proxy and nssm is blacklisted/forbidden because certain miners / malware are using it.

Someone already asked a nearly same question but didn't recieve an answer.


Hi @philu,

If i am not wrong then you mean to say that need to run the logstash service in windows background so you do not need to run again and again when you startup your system?

Second thing is your comapny won't be allowed to install NSSM in your system because of some policy violation ?

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Hi @Krunal_kalaria

Exactly. I want to run logstash as a windows service. All the tutorials are using nssm (which is a 3rd party tool). I'm looking for another way than nssm, best would be a service creation with the onboard windows tools (like sc.exe).

Our company does analyze the traffic which is completely normal. The following is from: https://nssm.cc/ci/nssm-2.24-101-g897c7ad.zip

"Virus was detected in the content (virus_detected)"
Content contained "Blacklisted file" virus. Details: File reputation score: 8; File: nssm-2.24-101-g897c7ad.zip

To run an app as a service, you’re going to need a small, third-party utility. There are several out there, but our favorite is SrvStart. It was originally designed for Windows NT, and will work with just about any version of Windows from Windows XP on up.

To get started, head over to the SrvStart download page and grab the utility. The download contains just four files (two DLL and two EXE files). There’s no installer; instead, copy these to your computer’s C:\Windows folder these to your main Windows folder to “install” SrvStart.

Please refer this link for more info dont know if it's working for you or not i hope it will.

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