Lucene expression query in discover tab


Hi all,
I'm trying to use lucene expression to get docs that were indexed in a specific range of hours of each day from discover tab.
I tried this query but it doesn't work
doc['@timestamp'].date.hourOfDay: [21 TO 23]
but I get this error
Failed to parse query [doc['@timestamp'].date.hourOfDay: [21 TO 23]] parse_exception: Encountered " "]" "] "" at line 1, column 16. Was expecting: "TO"
Is there any way to do it with only lucene expression query and not query dsl.

(Matt Bargar) #2

You can't write scripts inline in the lucene query language. You'll need to create a scripted field that represents the hourOfDay. Then you can create a filter on that field. It has to be a filter though, the query bar doesn't currently support scripted fields, but that's changing in 6.3 which is our next version.

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