Machine learning for Customer 360

Hi buddies, i would like to know if there is any machine learning use case for sales & marketing areas besides de anomaly analysis.

I'd like to use Machine Learning to forsee sales, predict analyses for demand x prices, behavior between many digital channels, conversion analysis between on-line store x physical store and so on.

Our ML is currently focused on time-series anomaly detection and forecasting/extrapolation. Other types of analysis (including non-time series use cases) should be available in the future. Thank you for your interest!

hi Rich, thank very much for your attention.

As I saw the Spring's Use case, they have used the machine learning to identify search behavior on their website. For instance, is it possible to use it for sales forecasting?

For sales data that is time-series (i.e. orders over time, etc.) then yes. See this blog for more info on forecasting:

Cool, Rich! Thank you so much!

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