Machine Learning - Lab 2 - Section 8

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I've created a "Single Metric Job", but the "Processed records" only reported 240 records instead of the expected 86,275. I realize this is vague, but anything obvious I could be missing here. I do see 86,275 records in the index, and I did go through create a job with 30m buckets...I'm just unsure what else I could be doing wrong here. Unless I'm interpreting the data incorrectly.

Anyhow, I'd appreciate if anyone had any help in the matter.


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You might want to check the job record and see if there was a processing error? It could be that the job was configured wrong as well. It's hard to tell without looking at the job and any messages related to processing them.

You might want to go through the lab again and ensure you did every step correctly. You also may want to make sure that you put the results of the job in it's own index by ticking the box in the create job screen which allows you to do that. Lastly, ensure that the job is running across the entire dataset via the time picker.

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Thanks for the reply Nathan,
I sent you a private message along with a video of what I am experiencing and hopefully that will be more beneficial than my question/curiosity above.

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Because it uses a summary_count_field_name. You could learn more about that in this page.

I think this should be an optimization for count function to use aggregation.

right? @nzamecnik

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