Machine learning permissions failure [Kibana Security Menu]

Hi there,

Clean install using apt repo and as soon as I try to access the security overview, it display this message:

Machine learning permissions failure
Not Found


Can someone try to point me the right direction to fix this problem I´m having?


Hi Francesco,

Can you tell us a bit more about your install? What version of Elasticsearch and Kibana did you install? Did you set a password for elastic and kibana users?
Can you verify you can access Elasticsearch with that elastic user/pwd?


@LeeDr I´m using the last version 7.11 stack.
The password has been set using elasticsearch-setup-passwords interactive.
Yes, I can access the elasticsearch using the elastic user.


Are you on the default Basic license? Some features like Machine learning anomaly detection are only available with a Platinum license. You could enable the Trial license to see if that's the issue. More info here;

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