MadCap Flare and ElastiSearch 5.6

I am trying to get ElastiSearch (ver. 5.6) working with MadCap Flare (latest). We have done all the installation steps, the ES portal is populating with content from our site. When i publish to local host, it works and the portal records user search events. When I publish to our web host, it fails. We may be getting an error that suggest both secure and unsecure data rendered to page, but when we enable https bindings the whole thing fails. Anyone got any tips? Thank you!

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5.X is very well past EOL and is no longer supported. Please use a more recent version of Elasticsearch, latest is 7.15.

How do I know it will be compatible with MadCap Flare? 5.6 was distributed by MadCap, although they were surprised that 5.6 was EOL. I feel like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place...

I don't know that product sorry.

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