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Dear sir/madam,

In October last year I posted this topic already 152175, but there was no reply at all. So, I try again with another title, hopefully there is somebody that can help me with tips on how to manage my whitelist.

As of today we use ElasticCloud with ElasticSearch v6.5.4 and Kibana v6.5.4 (windows 10, google chrome). But we will update to v6.6.0 soon.

Currently I have several email adresses added to our "email whitelist" via our "profile" page in our elastic account.

  1. I was wondering whether it is possible to somehow see the list of email adresses that are on our whitelist?
  2. and maybe it is possible to see the emailadresses that were added but not confirmed?
  3. The best would be that I can "manage" all the email adresses that were added, is this somehow possible?

The last few weeks I searched the internet to find a way to get this insight, but without succes. Hopefully this is somehow possible and that somebody can tell me how to do it.

Thanks in advance, Dennis

Is this in relation to Alerting?

Yes, this is in relation to Alerting. At the moment I have several watchers active and it's increasing. The number of persons that get watches is also increasing.

To add an email to the whitelist is not so much work, but the problem is that not everybody is "accepting" the mail quick that they get from the system.
For me it is hard to monitor what is happening.

  1. I cannot see which email adresses I added to the whitelist and also not when I added one
  2. I cannot see which email adresses were accepted nor which email adresses did not accept yet
  3. I cannot see for which email adresses the "acceptance mail" expired already
  4. I have watchers that sent a message to more than 1 email adres. In case one of the email adresses is not accepted, the whole message is not sent at all. So, the other email adresses also do not get the message and the watch is thus not functioning at all.

With kind regards Dennis

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