Unable to receive whitelist acceptance email from Elastic Monitoring


I have set up a Machine Learning job with a watcher and assigned an email address to receive these.
Reading through documentaion i can see that i need to add this to the Email Monitoring Whitelist, which i have done.... however when i click add i never actually receive the email to confirm.

I have confirmed the email is working correctly as i have received other emails to that address, so it has to be something inside elastic.
Its worth mentioning that this email address is a distribution group.

Can anyone advise where i can go to see some form of log or find out WHY i am not getting this email?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

The issue was to do with the type of DL within outlook 365 - IT changed the DL type and then the email messages started coming through as expected.

the email messages started coming through as expected.

Cool, I'm glad it worked!

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