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Good morning,
I want to know if there is the option of taking the value of a filter and based on it graphing. the problem comes to me that in a series I have the concept 'All'. If filter by 'All' is displayed well, if you filter by a department, it shows well but leaving the filter blank, I add the departments with the concept 'All' and distort the data. This with a filter that does not allow multi-selection is valid but I need it to be multiselection. The idea is that if nothing is selected in the filter I want to eliminate the concept 'All' of the series. please help.

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Anyone some help, please?

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Can you share some screenshots to help me understand what's going on?

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sorry but screenshots with the data i can't share. i try to explain well. for example, i have this department :
and in the sql y do an union with the concept 'ALL'.

so finally i have 4 department ( desarrollo,programacion,testing, all).
the departments, have a concept of money and a concept of proyect (School,University,job..).
now i wnat to do 2 visualization.

The problem is the next... in the first plot all is ok. if i filter bi 'ALL' onli look the sum of all departments, if the filter is blank i show the 4 lines well and if i filter by some or multiple department i show everithing well.
In the second chart where thye series aren't the departments, come the error. If i filter by 'ALL' i show well, if i filter by one or more department i show well but when the filter is blank the data is wrong because the proyects catch the sum of the 3 departments and the sum of concept 'ALL' so i have the double of the real data... Is there any solution for this error??? thank you

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if you don't understand my explanation please say to me.

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Sorry, I'm struggling to interpret what you're trying to do, but I suspect the issue is that the filters are applying too broadly.

Have you tried to split the lines with a filters aggregation like so?

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I do not understand you very well But I think that is not what I want. My problem is in the second table where the series are projects and not departments. In this graphic I want to take the money out of each project. that is, the sum of school, university and job money for each project. Since I have an invented department that is the sum of the other 3 departments(ALL), when I graph the graph, it shows me the duplicated data since for each project I add college, university, work and all. I hope you have explained to me now

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say me if you understand me please

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