Manually import Heartbeat dashboards

I am new to the Elk-Stack and found that when I try to import the dashboards with the following command.

.\heartbeat setup --dashboards
No Directory (c:\elk-stack\heatbeat7.0.0\kibana/7)

I found which shows that they no longer have the dashboards in heartbeat 7.0 but can manually import them from

I am using windows server 2012 r2 with Elk-Stack 7.0.

I tried to copy the given dashboards from above into a manually created folder c:\elk-stack\heartbeat-7.0.0\kibana\7 but it doesn't seem to work.

How should I be manually importing this dashboard correctly?

Nevermind found the answer.

The visualizations created here can be [downloaded as JSON] and imported directly into a Kibana. To import into Kibana click on Settings -> Objects -> Import, and then select the JSON file you downloaded.

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Thanks for updating us on your solution.

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