Map - Filter by boundary, shape or line


creating the filter for heat map geolocation is awesome, but how do i delete a filtered area?

There doesn't appear to have the the same UI as noted below.

I am running 8.3.3


Any ideas?


Your screen shots are showing 2 different draw modes.

The first shows drawing features on map to create spatial filters

The second shows drawing features on map to index into Elasticsearch

These 2 draw modes result in different results.

Drawing features to create filters adds a filter pill to the search bar. To remove the filter pill, click the "x"

Drawing features on map to index into Elasticsearch adds a new document in Elasticsearch. To remove the feature, click the "trash can" icon in the draw tools and then click the feature you wish to delete.

thanks @Nathan_Reese I come from a CAD/BIM background, so was looking for a way to delete the boundary polygon by selecting it. I didn't realise it added a filter to the top of the screen. Thanks for clarifying.

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