Map not filtering based on time

I created a dashboard in which I inserted a Map in it. To restrict user from seeing data I saved Map with a filter such that Time is between now to 3 months before. But when I add this Map in my dashboard the filter is not working on Map. What can be reason for this?

The Kibana time filter you set up in a Map is overridden by the Dashboard. If you need to set up a different filter for a layer you can do that in the layer settings.

Example using the Kibana Flights demo dataset

The map has a 1 year filter but the layer is getting the last 15 hours. That second filter will be in the map settings and a dashboard cannot override it, if I'm correct.

@Nathan_Reese will correct me if I'm wrong :smile:

When maps are added to dashboards, the map uses the dashboard query and time context instead of the query and time context saved with the map.

If you would like a custom time range for your map panel that is different then the time range for the entire dashboard, then you can add a customized time range per dashboard panel.

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Thank you @jsanz @Nathan_Reese for clearing this out. Appreciate your efforts.

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