Map string value of an ID to a custom String using JSON input

I'm totally new to kibana.

I have the current problem, I created a visualisation chart which is splitting rows based on the UUID. In this Index, I unfortunately don't have the related organisation name to the UUID.

My question now is can I map the UUIDs to a specific String value using "advanced JSON input"? So i see the organisation names instead of the UUIDs.

if organisation_uuid == "1001" {
organisation_uuid = "Organisation 1"
} else if organisation_uuid == "1002" {
organisation_uuid = "Organisation 2"
} else if ...

Thank you in advance for helping a newbie :slight_smile:

hi @officer_snickers

this kind of transformation of one value to another (e.g. 1001 -> Organization 1) is easiest to do with a scripted-field: Basically, you would create a new scripted field that uses a little script to generate the value.

It's a feature of a Kibana index pattern. You would write a script in the painless-language that does this transformation. More details here

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