Marvel is now free for production



How can I get rid of the annoying pop up in marvel that is asking me to register a license?

(Aaron Mildenstein) #2

I'm presuming you are referring to the pop-up in Marvel 1.x. Marvel 1.x will continue to throw the pop-up.

The fix is to upgrade to Elasticsearch 2.0 and install the Marvel 2.0 agent for Elasticsearch and the plugin for Kibana 4.2 (which is also required).

(Clay Gorman) #3

this is great news!


So are you saying that it is not Marvel in general that is free for production, but rather Marvel 2.0 only?

Wouldn't it be a good idea to update all the prior releases of Marvel with the removal of that pop up to reduce confusion?

(Aaron Mildenstein) #5

That is correct. It technically still requires a license, but the basic license is free.

(Aaron Mildenstein) #6

I don't expect them to go that route.

(Aaron Mildenstein) #7

But I'm incorrect. The product management team just told me that we are going to remove that notice in older versions.

(Glen R Smith) #8

Don't be so sure. :relaxed:


Cool. I'm happy to hear it. Would appreciate an update when its done, so if for whatever reason I decide not to up date to Marvel 2.0, I can just get the latest update on my current Marvel version

(Steve Kearns) #10

To make sure it's clear, Marvel is now free to use in production and development.

For Marvel 1.x, we are planning to release an updated version in the coming weeks that removes the licensing requirements.
For Marvel 2.0, upon installation, it comes with a 30-day trial license that enables all Marvel functionality. After the trial expires, you just register for a free Basic license and add it to the cluster. For multi-cluster support in Marvel, and future features like proactive detection and notification of cluster issues, a subscription license, which includes Shield, Watcher and our amazing support is necessary.

Marvel 2.0 free?

Would love to see a blog post or update about what exactly we are not going to have so we can see what we're missing out on.

Additionally, with Marvel 1.X, its been unclear as to how the pricing works exactly for a license.

When we tried to look into buying the Marvel license, we were redirected to here:

It also seemed that (and it might still be the case) that it isn't possible to acquire 'just' a Marvel license - which might be a route people may want to go.

(Steve Kearns) #12

We'll certainly be blogging about the new Marvel features as they arrive, and will make sure it's clear how you get access to them!

Indeed, we stopped selling Marvel standalone in preparation for making it free :slight_smile:

(Rene) #13

Can one also register for the basic license before the 30 days expire?

(Steve Kearns) #14

Yes, you can register for a baic license at any time.

(Pieter Agenbag) #15

Hi - Is this still happening any time soon? Was hoping/expecting to see Marvel 1.?4? in the 24th's Release Bonanza. :cry:

(Stefanos Petrakis) #16

Waiting for this one too with great anticipation

ES => 1.7
Marvel => 1.3

(Steve Kearns) #17

Don't worry, we are still planning to do this. The release bonanza last week and the US Thanksgiving holiday has held us up a bit, but it should be happening in the very near future. Thanks for your patience!

(Pieter Agenbag) #18

And I am thankful for that :smile:

(Pawan Gupta) #19

+1 for ES 1.7 and Marvel 1.3 license.

(Pieter Agenbag) #20

Sorry to bug you about this again , but am prepping to roll out some ES instances and was wondering if there's any news on the Marvel for ES 1.7x release ?