Marvel is now free for production


(Steve Kearns) #21

Hi Pieter,

It's certainly still on our list, but the majority of our focus is on Marvel 2.x , tbh. I do think we're close, but I wouldn't wait to deploy your ES instances because of it.

Is there a reason that you're deploying ES 1.7 instead of 2.1?


(Pieter Agenbag) #22

Thanx for the update.

I had to add some custom code to Kibana 4.1(at that time) to meet some of my requirements and as Kibana 4.1 is not compatible with ES 2.1 , I'm stuck with ES 1.7 until I can port all of the changes into Kibana 4.2 - but as its an all or nothing kind of approach we'll rather stick with what works until we have more compelling reasons to switch.


Hello, Any updates on this please?

(Elad Amit) #24

Any updates on this?
We're holding back on installing marvel due to this :frowning:

(Ravikiran S Kalal (Dsp Dfp Blr)) #25

Does this mean sense plugin is free for production too?

(Bohyun Kim) #26

Hi Ravikiran

yes, sense is free.


(Ravikiran S Kalal (Dsp Dfp Blr)) #27

Thank you Kim.



Any update on licensing for 1.7 elasticsearch and the Marvel plugin ?

(Michael Sander) #29

I was able to get a free basic license to Marvell, but I'm not sure how to install it on ES 1.7. Any help would be appreciated. I get the following error when I try to list available licenses:

curl localhost:9200/_licenses?pretty
  "error" : "ElasticsearchIllegalArgumentException[No feature for name [_licenses]]",
  "status" : 400

(Chris Earle) #30

The Basic license does not apply to Marvel 1.x. Marvel 1.x had its own licensing system.

For now, just ignore the prompts from Marvel asking for a license (annoying, I know, but hopefully a solution will appear soon).

(Rajesh Govindan) #31

I registered and download the license json file. Could you please guide me how to install/upgrade the basic version using Sense plugin or windows command line

(Steve Kearns) #32

We describe the process in the docs here:

(Rajesh Govindan) #33

Thanks for your response.

I don't have cURL tool in my windows machine. Is there any way upgrade the
license using SENSE plugin ?

(Steve Kearns) #34

Hi Rajesh,

Yes, you should be able to install the license via sense.

Open the license file in a text editor and copy the whole content - it is JSON formatted.

In sense, you can do:

PUT /_license
< Paste license JSON here>

(Rajesh Govindan) #35

Thanks Steve.

I got following response while acknowledging the license update as you
suggested through SENSE.

"acknowledged": false,
"license_status": "valid",
"acknowledge": {
"message": "This license update requires acknowledgement. To
acknowledge the license, please read the following messages and update the
license again, this time with the "acknowledge=true" parameter:",
"marvel": [
"Automatic index cleanup is locked to 7 days for clusters with
[{}] license.basic"

I understood from internet that we need to acknowledge the license update
by request again with following command in cURL.
curl -XPUT 'http://host:port/_license&acknowledge=true' -d @mylicense.json?

So, Could you please help me to find the equivalent syntax to acknowledge
the license in SENSE ?

I am not getting proper references for SENSE in google.

(Steve Kearns) #37

Hi Rajesh,

Actually, it looks like in this case, you just need to add ?acknowledge=true to the PUT call in Sense, like this:

PUT /_license?acknowledge=true
< Paste license JSON here >

Hope that helps!

(Rajesh Govindan) #38

Thanks a lot Steve. It works for me.

(Utkarsh Pyne) #39

Will importing the new license work for Marvel 1.x ? For some reason I'm still hanging around with ES 1.7, so till I'm not able to migrate my cluster to higher version it would be really awesome if I can use Marvel 1.x for free under the same license as the higher versions of Marvel.

(neoes1um) #40

this is great news!

(Mark Walkom) closed #41