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Is there documentation somewhere on which fields from the .marvel* indices match to the dashboards on the Marvel dashboard page (ex. Which field is used to populate "Indexing Rate" and "Search Rate"). I would like to do some extra aggregations with that data, but I can't match the fields to the dashboards by eyeballing.


(Lee Drengenberg) #2

Hi Maxwell,

Are you still trying to figure this out? If so, what version of Elasticsearch and Marvel are you using (or 5.x version of X-Pack)?


(joao) #3

Hi! I am still trying to figure this out! Im using x-pack. Which are the fields used to populate Indexing Rate??

(Chris Earle) #4

Hi @joaoantoniopereira,

The picture you showed is from Marvel 2.x, which changes these answers only by the index. The fields that we use for those in 5.x all come from the .monitoring-es-2-* index.

For all of these, you can swap .total. with .primaries. to get just values for primary shards.

  • Search
    • Rate
    • Latency
  • Indexing
    • Rate
    • Latency

Note for the latency we get the time it took to do the current slice and divide by the number of the current slice, where slice is the bucket size.

Hope that helps,

(joao) #5

Thank you!!

(Maxwell Flanders) #6

Yeah, we're now on kibana 5 now, so those look great! Thank you!

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