Mastering ElasticSearch - Free eBook today Oct 25, 2016

Hi folks,

I'd like to let you'll know that the eBook version of "Mastering ElasticSearch" by Rafał Kuć and Marek Rogoziński is available for free today.
The eBook can be claimed here:

Written for intermediate users, this tutorial helps you utilize the power of Apache Lucene and Elastic Search to optimize your information retrieval. From design to implementation to management, it’s the all-inclusive guide.

What You Will Learn:
~Understand how Apache Lucene works
~Use and configure different scoring models to alter default scoring mechanism
~Exploit query rescore to recalculate the score of top N documents
~Choose the right amount of shards and replicas for your deployment
~Use shards allocation wisely and understand its internals
~Alter the index format by using different postings format
~Use your knowledge to create scalable, efficient, and fault tolerant clusters
~Monitor your cluster by using and understanding the ElasticSearch API
~Learn to control segments merging and why ElasticSearch uses merging at all
~Overcome problems with garbage collection, threading, and I/O
~Improve the user search experience by using ElasticSearch functionality
`Develop an application using the ElasticSearch Java API and develop custom ElasticSearch plugins


Just as an FYI, it's spelt Elasticsearch, not ElasticSearch or Elastic Search.

Typos aside - thanks for letting us know.

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Many years ago, I ask Shay what was the correct usage, and his response was
something like "it did not matter". :wink:


That was probably before there was a company, and trademarks, and all that. :slight_smile: