Mavel basic disables all clusters


(Barry Kaplan) #1

I was using marvel in eval mode and had two clusters configured. Then I installed the basic license. Now both clusters are disabled. How can I delete the remove cluster so it work again for the single local cluster?

(Barry Kaplan) #2

After upgrading to 2.3.0, and having to uninstall and then reinstall marvel because it complained about only working with 2.2.0 I am back to a local cluster and marvel works again.

(Steve Kearns) #3

Hi Barry,

I'm glad you've got it sorted out! The free Basic license does not allow you to use a centralized monitoring cluster to monitor more than one cluster, so you will need to either store the Marvel data locally on the cluster being monitored (not generally a good idea for production clusters), or setup one monitoring cluster per cluster you would like to monitor.
Multi-cluster support is available with a Gold or Platinum subscription, which would include other features like security, alerting and Graph. If this is what you're after, check out our subscriptions page, or drop us a note at to learn more.


(system) #4