Merge dates


I have a program who all 3 hours add data in elasticsearch. Each entry represent a connected user for the date T.

I would like make a chart who tell me how much users are connected for each date T. Make this chart is very easy but I have a little problem. Sometimes, I have different dates for the same "dataset".

eg: for the dataset of this morning i have two differents hours so I have two columns instead of one in my chart.

How can i merge these differents date ?

Thanks in advance,


Could you provide a sample of the documents you have in Elasticsearch, as well as what the expected result looks like? Thanks!

If I understood the question correctly, and you are using a Date Histogram for the X-Axis, you can force the Interval to be Daily rather than Auto in the panel on the left.

Everything is alright, i solve my problem to change my data generator, I generate the same date.
So i can make my chart like I want !

Thanks for answering me !

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