Metric and multi-option controls

Here's a simplified example. I run a business with 2 locations. I have a daily document in an index that stores the number of employees in that location.

Now, I'd like to have a dashboard that shows a legacy metric for the number of employees, which would be the "Last Value". That works great, until...

I'd like to add a Control to the dashboard so I can select which location I'm viewing. If I select one location, it still works fine. However, if I select two locations (you know, to see my entire business), it still picks a single "Last Value" (i.e. whichever location was added last).

Is there a way to allow the control to properly affect the metric - to create a sum(Last Value)?

I think you want to use the Collapse option in Lens where you define a criteria to break your metric and then put the values all together again, but for this you need to use the new metric.

Sample data for my test:

# Create the index
PUT discuss-352807
  "mappings": {
    "properties": {
      "timestamp": { "type": "date"},
      "location": { "type": "keyword"},
      "employees": { "type": "integer"}

# Add three days of data for two locations
POST discuss-352807/_bulk
{ "index": {}}
{"timestamp": "2024-02-05", "location": "A", "employees": 10}
{ "index": {}}
{"timestamp": "2024-02-05", "location": "B", "employees": 5}
{ "index": {}}
{"timestamp": "2024-02-06", "location": "A", "employees": 12}
{ "index": {}}
{"timestamp": "2024-02-06", "location": "B", "employees": 8}
{ "index": {}}
{"timestamp": "2024-02-08", "location": "A", "employees": 14}
{ "index": {}}
{"timestamp": "2024-02-08", "location": "B", "employees": 11}

# Create a data view
POST kbn:/api/data_views/data_view
  "data_view": {

  "title": "discuss-352807",
  "timeFieldName": "timestamp"

And this is how it looks like in a dashboard with a control for location.

Peek 2024-02-08 16-02

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That worked for the non-legacy metric. Thanks. Hopefully the users won't complain about the UI.

Now that I might be able to use the control on my dashboard, I have other visualizations that also aren't working (area stacked, for one). It seems that best practice is to open another topic?

Glad it worked for you :muscle:

Yeah, please; the best practice is to do some research here for related questions, then open a new topic with as much detail as possible. Also, providing a reproducible example (as I did with the console commands) helps a lot in assisting you.

Mind also that at Elastic, engineers rotate to review the forums so it is very likely I won't be the person reading the new topics over the following days :slight_smile: