Metric value issue in Point to Point map

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I am facing issue while showing metric value on a point to point map in Kibana. On point to point map the metric value is not displayed, however the value exists and can be seen in Kibana's index pattern. The type of metric value is float data type.
I am getting positions (source and destination) for map from one source and metrics to be shown on same map from other source. Both of them are in the same index pattern. Can anyone support me in getting this issue resolved.

Can you clarify this? Are origin, destination, and metric in the same document? Could you provide an example of your documents?

Nope . Origin and destination are in the same document but metric is in different document. But both the documents are in the same index pattern.

example of document containing origin and destination:

example of document containing metric:

That's not supported. The Point to Point layer does a double aggregation searching for documents with both geometry fields, but it does not automatically joins that with other documents from the same index.

You can check the actual query in the Inspect interface. For example for a Point to Point layer with the Kibana Flights sample data it looks like this:

Unfortunately this layer type does not support Term joins so you cannot bring that info afterwards so you'd need to shape your data differently to render it, joining the documents at ingest time or adding a new field to your geospatial documents with a linestring geometry connecting origin and destination so you can use the regular Term Join layer type instead of Point to Point.

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