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Im using metricbeat to send CPU and Memory metrics of my servers to ES. How can i extract in a table the maximum value of mem and cpu usage and the timestamp?



Hi @vdelcampo,

that sounds like you're looking for a data table visualization backed by a max aggregation nested inside a terms aggregation over the host name and a date_histogram:

I created this with the following configuration:

Hi @weltenwort ,

That visualization could works for me. But I want to show only the maximun value, just one row. How can i do that? And how can i show data with percentages?

Thanks a lot!



The table shows the maximum for each host and time interval. You can manually set the time interval to a fixed value in the date histogram options. If you're on interested in the maximum value for the whole time range you could remove the date histogram aggregation altogether so the value will be calculated across the whole interval selected in the date picker.

In order for the value to be displayed using a percent formatting you could adjust the field's formatter in the index pattern settings:

Perfect! got it! And what about for memory? Which field should i use?


As always, "it depends" :tm: on your usage scenario. I would probably go with system.memory.actual.used.pct, but info about the free and swap space might also be interesting. The fields are listed in the metricbeat "exported fields" docs with a short description about the OS-specific semantics.

That field works perfect for me.

Thanks a lot for your help! it was very useful!

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