Migration to 8.7 kibana

Hi I'm trying to migrate custom plugin to version 8.7 of kibana, but i receive a Server error and the kibana is not loading, in the logs i have several warnings, could you please help fix it or advice how to clear the warnings?
Warnings as follow:
1.HealthStatus.Warning because assumedAverageRecurringRequiredThroughputPerMinutePerKibana (0) < capacityPerMinutePerKibana (200);

2.worker stderr [BABEL] Note: The code generator has deoptimised the styling of /home/development/kibana8.7/kibana/packages/kbn-ecs/generated/ecs_flat.ts as it exceeds the max of 500KB.

Also I receive an error
Error: index_not_found_exception.
Root causes:index_not_found_exception: no such index [.kibana], but the api is not crashing after the error in the logs I'm receiving the following warning:
[plugins.taskManager] setting HealthStatus.Error because of expired cold timestamps

Could you please advice me how to proceed in finding what is causing the error and why?
Many thanks in advance!

Hello @Lilia ! From what you shared, the biggest issue to starting Kibana seems to be:

Root causes:index_not_found_exception: no such index [.kibana],

I am assuming you are working against a development environment. Are you able to delete all .kibana_* indices or just start a new cluster? This should result in Kibana creating a new consistent environment in ES to develop against.

I just saw there is a known issue for migrating custom plugins to 8.7 that is worth following

Hey, thank you so much for the help. I have tried to delete all kibana indices but apparently the superuser has no privileges to send delete request. I believe i have the same problem as the mention in the issue, are you aware of any other approaches i can follow to fix it while the issue is being taken cared of elastic team?
Thank you!

I think you may be able to use the kibana_system user to perform the cleanup you need.


GET /_cat/indices/.k*

DELETE /.kibana_8.8.0_001
DELETE /.kibana_task_manager_8.8.0_001
DELETE /.kibana_ingest_8.8.0_001
DELETE /.kibana_analytics_8.8.0_001
DELETE /.kibana_security_session_1
DELETE /.kibana_security_solution_8.8.0_001
DELETE /.kibana_alerting_cases_8.8.0_001
DELETE /.kibana-event-log-8.8.0-000001

Yet, when working in a development environment, it is recommended to use a dev cluster that can be thrown away whenever needed, and have access to some data that can be quickly indexed for development. You can stand up a development cluster in a Kibana development environment with the yarn es <command> [options] command.

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