Minimal hardware requirement for Kibana


what are the minimal hardware requirements for running Kibana on a server?

For different departments we've to create separate Dashboards.
We use Shield for authorization.
We separate data by creating different aliases, so the departments couldn't read the data from the other department.
We also want to separate the dashboards - this is done by defining different '.kibana'-Index for each kibana instance. (f.exe '.kibana-dep1', '.kibana-dep2',...).
Every Kibana instances runs on a different port (5601, 5602, ....)

So know we want to know the hardware footprint of running multiple Kibana instances.

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It doesn't need much, most of the resource use will be in ES.

Yes, I know ;/
But I didn't found any recommendations as for elasticsearch.

We're in a very restrictive environment, where we've have to calculate the exact requirements.
We're planning for 100 departments - so we've to calculate the costs.

We don't have that sort of info, but when I start my KB4 instance it uses ~90M of RAM.
You really want to test this yourself.

Okay - that_s what I also have find out.
Thanx for your information

Hello Malu,

I have also installed 2 different instances of Kibana4 on the same server in order to seperate the dashboards.
However, I have an issue to separate data using aliases. In fact, as every alias is stored in the same cluster, even if you create different aliases, they can all be accessible through kibana using the right index-pattern right ? Or did you find a way to prevent the user to create the index-pattern he wants ?


Please raise this in your own thread.

Hello Julien,

no, we didn't have find another solution. We've installed two instances of Kibana.
We're experimenting with a proxy-server between kibana and elastic search who separates the Dashboards by patterns.

Even Shield won't help us solve the problem. So we've to manage authentication by our selves.

best regards

Thanks for your answer.
I will stay in this config for now !