Missing Elasticsearch menu in Kibana

Hello I created a new installation from docker using:

these two docker images.

But when i use kibana I cannot see the Elasticsearch menu (access to index patterns etc.=).

Is it possible to add them in some way?

Could you share what you are seeing and how you are launching it?

By the way why not using the latest version? 7.9.3

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Thanks for your reply!

This morning I finally found it.
The Elasticsearch menu just appeared under Management -> Stack Management.

Seems that from 7.7.x changed place.

ps=to get the latest version is there a way I can update my docker images without having to reinstall everything?

Thanks a lot

I guess you just have to change the version number (for a minor update like this) and restart the containers?

Wouldn't I lose the whole system configuration and data (all dashboards, security conf user/roles, and indexes)?

I guess this depends on how you created the Docker instances, specifically regarding volumes where the data is stored on.

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