Index Management Tab is not visible after updating to 7.9.1


I'm working with Elasticsearch and Kibana on Power PC docker containers. I'm using the Dockerfiles from ppc64le/build-scripts repository to create the container images, which use the source code on GitHub from the elastic organization to build the applications for PowerPC architecture:

I recently updated Elasticsearch and Kibana version from 7.6.0 to 7.9.1 and I'm not able to see : Management > Elasticsearch > Index Management anymore as I used to do with the previous version.

Here is what I see now on Stack Management

Did anything changed on the features offered?

We made some changes to the navigation of Kibana in recent minors, so the path you're describing is not exactly the same as the one that is currently supported- but the feature still exists under "Stack Management > Data > Index management"

@wylie I added a screenshot showing what I see on the Stack Management.
I don't see any Data section there

That is expected when running the Kibana OSS builds- the management section is licensed with our free basic license.

Was it different on version 7.6.0?
Is there any way to get the free basic licence for Power PC architecture?

We offer OSS and Basic licensed builds for all versions. I think your build script switched to use OSS.

The Dockerfile was indeed building the OSS version. I had to change it and work around the chromium install part (not supported on ppc64le platform) in order for non-oss version to be built successfully.
Now I can see the extra sections from the basic licence.
Thanks for the support!

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