Missing left menu


"Suddenly", the left menu disappeared on my browser when playing with Kibana from Firefox.
When using private mode, I have no problems (see image below).

I guess it's a cookie/cache/browser related stuff, any idea how to fix that (I do not want to remove all my cache infos) ?


Can you try that in an incognito browser window on Chrome and/or in private window in Firefox and see if this happens there.
You may need to clear your browser cache, how you do this depends on what browser you're using.
Here's how it is done in chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95582?hl=en

there is an open enhancement request to do this via Kibana as well:

Hope this helps


it works in incognito/private mode.

I've deleted my cache for the kibana site only (from firefox history -> forget this site), it works!

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