Something went wrong on start http://localhost:5601

Windows 10
Google Chrome 86.0.4240.193
Elasticsearch just installed, ver 7.10 as a service.
Kibana ver.7.10

When I go to http://localhost:5601

Clicking on button "Clear your session" has no effect. Page is reloading with the same problem.
What should I do?

Updated Google Chrome to latest version 87. In private mode (incognito) - no any session - the same problem:

Why my initial request http://localhost:5601 is "bad"?

Hey @kaibox-git,

Looking at the error message it seems you may have some browser extension (AdBlocker or something similar) that blocks requests with kbn-xsrf HTTP header. This header is required for Kibana to function properly, can you double check your browser extension rules?


Try another browser to see if Chrome is blocking it?

It works in Opera, but not in Firefox and Chrome. Both have plugin AdBlocker, but turned off.
When I installed Kibana for the first time it was working in Chrome with AdBlocker without any problem, but later this error suddenly appeared. New installation did not save the situation. I don't know what happened.

It is important that in private mode (incognito) there are no plugins, no sessions, but Kibana shows an error anyway.

Have you ever seen the same problem with Postman, that the program can not even start? Can not even start!

Is this on a network at work where there could be company wide policies set? Incognito mode or not there are settings an administrator can do that will block it that you might not see.

It is home. Kebana was working Ok for two weeks while an error was appeared. I don't know what to do with it.

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