Missing metrics in Logstash node stats

Hello everyone,
I went over the code for a few Logstash plugins and noticed they had metrics that I can't see when running:
curl http://localhost:9600/_node/stats

I'm talking about metrics like:

And a few other places I found in other plugins (some are in filter plugins like dissect).

Am I missing something? Or do these metrics just not show up in the stats API?
Thanks in advance!

I don't think they are visible. You have here LS metric fields.

I'm using the stats API and not Metricbeat.
The weird thing is that I do see other metrics (such as "workers" and "queue_size" for the udp input plugin).
I'm not sure why some of the metrics are visible in the node stats API and some aren't.

Never mind, I only checked the code and the basic configuration without connecting a beat to the running Logstash. Only then the metrics showed up.

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