Mixing split series and split charts visualisation

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I am a Splunk user migrating to Elastic Stack.

In Splunk I use to choose the "split series mode" when I wanted to show multi charts on a visualisation, with a common legend (see capture 1)

In Kibana, when i choose "split series" I obtain split graphs like in splunk, but with an only one term in legend, the metric "count" but not a legend with each term used to obtain the multi series (and corresponding color) ==> see capture 2

If I choose "split chart", I obtain stacked charts or mixed charts on an only chart, but with legend and coloration. (see capture 3)

What do I need to do to obtain what I'm looking for, like in the "capture 1" file.

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No idea on how to achieve this ?

Thank you

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Hi Xavier,

thanks for your question and sorry for the late reply.

When using split chart, we still treat every individual chart onto the same legend, i.e. only different metrics will have different legend entries and such different color.

Please feel free to open an enhancement request in GitHub for the feature of splitting a chart and giving each chart individual colors still.


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