ML Adv Job Config - Only .ml and .kibana show in Input index drop down

Hello everyone,
I'm trying to create an advanced job (via gui) and .ml and .kibana are the only indices that show in the "Input index" drop down box.

My steps:

  1. "Create and advanced job"
  2. "Input index" radial button
  3. "Input index" dropdown box.
    At this point our expected time based indexes are not showing up in the dropdown box.

I also do not see our expected indexes if for step 3 from above I choose "Choose index from list"

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

Hi Jason,

The ML UI will show only those indices that have an index pattern created for them in Kibana. Just go to Management -> Index Patterns and create an index pattern for the data index or indices that you hope to analyze with ML.

Hello Rich,
Actually that is the thing. We have a bunch of other indexes that show up under Management; which is expected. We have been using Elastic for security logging for quite some time and none of those indexes show up when trying to create an Advanced ML job.

This has now been resolved. I'm speculating our admins of Elastic changed my permissions.

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