ML job creation not showing all the fields in the detector window (ELK6.2.2)

Hello, can you help me understand this:

I want to set up an advanced machine learning job. When I add a detector, the modal window pops up, I can choose a function (min). but now, in the field_name, I only have a very small subset of fields that I can choose

I do not understand why I only have access to this subset. The subset is not even linked to the type of data in the index pattern:

Here is a snapshot of the modal (machine learning). there are 17 elements in the dropdown menu

Here are the characteristics of a field that is displayed (HDG)

Here are the characteristics of a field that is not displayed (RUNDN_TIME_RUNDN)

Check to see if the field mappings are the same at the elasticsearch level.

Also, as an aside - you can always "force" a field name into a detector by either editing the raw JSON in the Advanced Job UI or by using the API to create the job.

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