Mongo dashboard error and misunderstanding the logstash role

I have this top topic where I've tried to explain my problem with the Mongo dashboard, however I got no reply.

I believe I'm misunderstanding the usage of the components so I will try to explain how I have it build here.

I have mainly two linux servers, let's say:

  • Server 1: with the whole ELK installed: fb, mb, pb, logstack, elastic and kibana);

  • Server 2: mongodb with filebeat metricbeat and packectbeat.

The server 2 is shipping to the server 1, however I have the following logstash configuration:

   beats {
      port => 5044

Could it be the problem of not showing the expected Mongo dashboards?

How can I investigate to check what is really happening with this?

Is the data making it to Elasticsearch? What are you seeing in localhost:9200/_cat/indices for Elasticsearch? I would also suggest checking the filebeat/metricbeat/packetbeat logs on server 2.

@tylersmalley, yes the data is making into elastic. Following is the image of the _cat/indices

Looking into the logs in metric beat: /var/logs/metribeat I see nothing related to errors. I will put the logs here as fast as I can.

Hi everyone,

I've made a change which has partially fixed the problem. In the metribeat.yml I changed the parameter setup.dashboards.enable to true and now I'm seeing the dashboard populated, that's a positive fact. On the other hand, I'm getting now the following error when refreshing the Kibana's dashboard: "Field is a required parameter". Do you know why?

By curiosity, why is the dashboard working after changing this flag?

Please, anyone here can help?