Monitoring GCP status dashboard

Hi everybody,
I was trying to find a way to monitor GCP status dashboard here using heartbeat component.
Right now I have nothing to look at it, so is there anyone that in the past checked it?

Hi @rschirin ,

Can you please explain more. What's your objective of monitoring the GCP status dashboard?

Do you want to ping the status dashboard and check if particular services are up or down as reported by the dashboard itself?

Hey there, yes. I would like to inspect that Google dashboard to inspect if any service is not working properly or there is an incident.

The most straightforward way would probably be to use the JSON history API GCP publishes with JSON expressions in heartbeat (currently targeting the 7.16 release). You can read more about this feature in the docs for 7.16 here.

not really sure about this way. How do you think I could use this functionality inside my target?
For example, if a new incident will be added into the JSON history API, Heartbeat will get just a longer result.

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