.monitoring-* indices never cleaned up on non-24hr/d cluster

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Would it be possible to support the configuration of the periodicy or execution hour of clean up job which deletes old x-pack system indexes (.monitoring, etc)? Or have it run on startup as well as 01h00?

We are running some ES/x-pack clusters that are switched off outside of office hours. I think this must be a common senario for anyone using cloud hosting providers for their dev/test platforms.

As a result, the job that usually runs at 01h00 to clean up old indicies is never executed.

For now we have a curator job in place to handle what would otherwise be done automatically, which works out fine of course.


(Chris Earle) #2

Hi @rhinp6,

There is currently no way to to change when the scheduler executes, but you may be interested in Elastic Curator, which will allow you to perform this behavior outside of Elasticsearch entirely and thus on your own schedule.

I'll look into adding the ability to schedule the execution to our roadmap.


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Classic scanning mishap. Ignore my comment about Curator, as you knew it already. :slight_smile:

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