Meaning of automatic index cleanup

I have no desire to use automatic cleanup, yet when installing the basic license for x-pack, I am greeted with the message 'Automatic index cleanup is locked to 7 days for clusters with [BASIC] license.'

I already use Curator to maintain a few weeks of data. Will X-Pack Basic delete everything older than 7 days? The message is somewhat unclear.

Having looked around a dev docker setup, I can't find any options relating to this 'cleanup' operation. Can anyone elaborate?

The text might by slightly different in the version you're running but in 5.3.0 the section you are referring to says:

    "monitoring" : [
      "Multi-cluster support is disabled for clusters with [BASIC] license. If you are\nrunning multiple clusters, users won't be able to access the clusters with\n[BASIC] licenses from within a single X-Pack Kibana instance. You will have to deploy a\nseparate and dedicated X-pack Kibana instance for each [BASIC] cluster you wish to monitor.",
      "Automatic index cleanup is locked to 7 days for clusters with [BASIC] license."

This message is saying that the BASIC license keeps exactly 7 days of monitoring data in the local monitoring indices.

The nested structure is intentional - those comments are directly referring to the monitoring functionality. Essentially, the xpack.monitoring.history.duration configuration setting is fixed at 7 days.

Nice, thank you for the clarification.

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