Monitoring & ML not available: "you should also assign the monitoring_user role."

One more issue after upgrade 6.8 -> 7.3

It is not clear how to grant "Stack Monitoring" and "Machine Learning" privileges to an AD group (unmapped_groups_as_roles: true), which already has access to all indices and has all cluster privileges.

There is a message in Kibana "you should also assign the monitoring_user role", but it's not clear how to do that.
Is it something for role_mapping?

Note: a user from that AD group can access all monitoring data, when querying ES directly. Why does Kibana refuse to show the Monitoring page?


Hey @jetnet!

Some specific features like Monitoring and Machine Learning might require write access to be able to set some config settings.

You will need to map correct roles to specific user groups. Checkout #7 for Monitoring example.

You'll need to also map additional roles for Machine Learning features, checkout the relevant build-in roles here:

hello Igor,

as I wrote, I'm using an unmaped AD group as a role, and the role has full index and cluster access.
Are there some restrictions on Kibana 7.x when using unmapped_groups_as_roles: true?

P.S. It's always disappointing, when an upgrade breaks something, that used to work with the previous version :slight_smile:

I added a role-mapping for this group:

POST /_security/role_mapping/myADgroup
  "roles": [
  "enabled": true,
  "rules": {
    "field": {
      "groups": "CN=myADgroup,OU=Groups,DC=company,DC=com"

This fixed the issue.

But the question remains: why wasn't that necessary for Kibana 6.x?

P.S. the wrong "no access" status is still shown in Kibana, even though the Monitoring and ML pages are available now:

Glad you got your issue resolved.

New features might come with more flexibility which would require more access.

Please note that the "Privilege Summary" is per Space level. Here is more info: If there are inconsistencies however, please file an issue at

Hope that helps.

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