Monitoring Multi-Stage Log Forwarding


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Version details:
ES & Kibana - 6.4.3
Logstash shipper - >5.6.4
In our setup, there are multiple zones from where we ship logs and in between there are logstash instances who use Lumberjack to forward the same logs to ES. So the setup looks like this
Devices at Zone1 --> Logstash DMZ(Zone1) --> Logstash DMZ (Zone2) --> Kafka (Zone2) --> Logstash (Zone2) --> ES (Zone2)
Similarly for we have other zones sending data to Zone2.

We would want to monitor the logstash pipelines & understand the behavior of Input, filter and Output
behavior of each of them.

What is the best way to monitor pipeline which is directly not interfacing to ES.
How to configure pipeline ids (id => "someid") assigned at each stage that provides me these statistics.

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