Month starts in the middle on Timelion intervals

Hello, this is a very similar question to Quarter date histogram in Kibana 4

Basically, when I'm creating a timelion graph with a custom interval=1M, months start on the 15th or the 16th... which is not intuitive. :slight_smile:

Please check the attached screenshot

How do I specify the start dates of months?

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Domenico Raimondi

Do not use interval in the .es function. the docs for interval state "DO NOT USE THIS. Its fun for debugging fit functions, but you really should use the interval picker".

To set the interval to Months, use the Interval select located above the Timelion Expression input.

Ok, I understand that it should not be used. Is there any other way to specify a similar style (flat line for the whole interval period, instead of just a slanted line connecting the dots), without using .bars() ?

BTW Thank you for your quick reply Nathan :slight_smile:

You can set steps to true in the lines method to show line as step, e.g., do not interpolate between points.


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Perfect, thank you! :smile:

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