Timelion : shift between time cursor and y-axis

I am quite new in TimeLion and I have a very basic problem. I have data by month, and more precisely, each document (or row) has as date the first day of the month.
The display of the line is ok. But, when I use the time cursor, there is like a shift between the y-axis and the time-cursor : when the time cursor is in the position of the 2nd of January, the time cursor displays the value of February.

I know Timelion use 'buckets' (even if I don't really know what it is). Is there any configuration, or function to specify to Timelion that the date should be the beginning of the bucket, instead of the end ?

Thanks in advance, and thanks for so cool functions in TimeLion !!!

hi @mamachin,

Are you referring to the vertical line showing the wrong date?

Perhaps you could you attach a screenshot or gif of what you are seeing? thx,

Yes I’m referring to the vertical red line.
My data is
2017-01-01 0.0
2017-02-01 3168.99
In the printscreen, the time cursor corresponds to 3rd January (let’s say), whereas the value displayed is the value of February. I would like to displayed the value of January.

And my expression is quite simple
.es(index=myindex, timefield='date', metric='sum:data’)
A piece of data is usually not relevant to an instant (a point in time) but to a period (a segment of time). It seems to me that Timelion should (or maybe do it and I don’t know) offer to declare that the relevancy period

  •      ends (that’s the default behavior) at the mentioned date, or
  •      begins (that’s what I need) at the mentioned date, or
  •      the mentioned date is the middle of the relevancy period

@mamachin, thanks for the added explanation. I understand now. I don't believe there is a way to modify the book-ending behavior of timelion, or the ability to indicate a duration on a date-stamp. I'd agree with you that the label is not an intuitive read-out value.

I would log this as an issue in https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/new, thx.

Thank you Thomas. I have created the issue

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