Moving Average in Lens


I created this TVSB visualization using a moving average to show the line:

I clicked on convert to lens and it turns it like this:

The issue I think is that TVSB allows you choose the style per layer while Lens only lets you choose one style


Is there a workaround to this? or is it best bet to stick to TVSB?

Hi @erikg

What version are you on?

Simply add them as 2 different Series

One Bar (your Count)
One Line (your moving average)

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Hey @stephenb
I am dumb!
But wait that seems like it works but what if I want to keep it as a line but as step

Kibana Version: 8.14.1

poke around my friend ...

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Hey @Stephen haha yeah I understand
but hear me out,

I want area with step (instead of bar vertical) and default line for moving average?

If you do that in Lens, it will make both layers stepped or default.

Yup looks like the case...

If that is a "Hard" requirement, then you can stick with TSVB... which is not really getting updated as Lens is the future...

Bar and Squared Area are essentially the same... but I understand folks are particular....

So my first Image is a close are you are going to get at this point

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I've created a feature request you can track: [Lens] Ability to define line interpolation style per layer · Issue #187543 · elastic/kibana · GitHub